Tipping and Climbing Certificate Ceremony

At the conclusion of the trek, we conduct a climbing ceremony where trekkers are awarded certificates based on their individual achievements on the mountain. This is the time that trekkers will be required to tip the guides, assistant guides, porters and chefs to award them for their assistance on the mountain. Please refer to the tipping guidelines below.


Tipping – always a very sensitive subject as the view differs greatly amongst cultures. Understandably it can be a contentious issue. Tipping on Mt Kilimanjaro has occurred over such a long time now that it has not only become customary, but is now a requirement for all guests trekking on Mt Kilimanjro for all porters, chefs, Assistant and head guides. Tipping guidelines have been developed by “Kilimanjaro Porters Assistant Project, which is a non-for profit organisation on the mountain that works in association with the International Mountain  Explorers Connection (IMEC) to ensure that partner trekking companies are providing socially responsible and ethical Mt Kilimanjaro treks that prioritise the welfare of the porters, chefs, guides and other support staff on the mountain. This includes salaries and tipping.


$5 to $8 per day


$12 to $15 per day

Assistant Guides

$12 to $15 per day


$18 to $20 per day

We will provide you with the number of staff on your trek so you are adequately prepared prior to arrival, however the average additional amount you can expect to pay for tips generally falls within the range of $150 USD to $250 USD. The value depending on the length of the trek and the number of climbers accompanying you on the trek to share the contribution.