Safety is the most important aspect of your Climb

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Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest standing mountain in the world at 5895m. Being a non technical climb, Mt Kilimanjaro poses many challenges to climbers aiming to conquer the mountain to reach the summit. Whilst the challenge being part of its appeal, it is a test of endurance, stamina and your bodies ability to cope with rapid changes in atmospheric Oxygen levels and temperature as you ascend the mountain. Due to the length of most treks, all travellers will experience some degree of mountain sickness which is expected at such high altitudes.

are specially designed spikes used to maximise grip for trekkers in the event of rain, mud, ice or snow. These simply clamp onto your hiking boots.
Emergency Oxygen
An emergency oxygen system is an essential item of first aid safety equipment for Mt Kilimanjaro . Oxygen is used to treat a whole host of medical emergencies, scorpion and snake bites, in addition to altitude related problems experienced by so many trekkers on Kilimanjaro. During a trek on Kilimanjaro it is likely that more than 75% of trekkers will experience at least some form of mild altitude sickness. This is caused by a failure of the body to adapt quickly enough to the reduced level of oxygen in the air at the increased altitude. This type of sickness is known as altoxia, a term which is used almost exclusively for Kilimanjaro, since this is the only commonly trekked mountain where these extreme altitudes are encountered so quickly. TrekkingHQ uses a number of techniques to minimize symptom for our guests. Is the symptoms become overwhelming we use emergency oxygen to assist distressed guests so they can be safely evacuated from the mountain. However as a last resort after all techniques are exhausted, for safety reasons, emergency oxygen will be administered by your head guide and assistant guide to maximise your comfort and safety whilst we descend the mountain and evacuate the trekker.
Summit Oxygen
TrekkingHQ can also supply Altox Summit Oxygen to assist climbers to reach the summit though this is only supplied if requested prior to trek.
Pulse Oximeters
As the Oxygen saturation drops with increasing altitude, the body compensates in a number of ways to maximise uptake of oxygen. Every climber adapts differently so it is important to use Pulse Oximeters which are non invasive devices that simply clip on your finger and measure the oxygen saturation of your blood. You guide will take monitor your saturation in the morning and afternoon each day to see how your body is acclimatising. Add backend Info text unless make it blank.
Satellite Phones
We use only the best Satellite phones to ensure that we maintain 24/7 contact with our guides whilst on Mt Kilimanjaro. This enables our team to efficiently coordinate any emergency if it arises and maximise the safety of our guests.
Two way Radios
On every trek we have Head guides, assistant guides, chefs and Porters. All of the key members of our team are provided with 2 Way radios with up to 18km ranges to ensure the team can effectively coordinate any requirement on the mountain.
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Due to its extreme altitude, climbing Kilimanjaro can be quite dangerous if not properly monitored and treated. TrekkingHQ is equipped with the most advanced safety equipment, first Aid and emergency support to ensure you have the best chance to safely reach the summit in whatever climatic conditions you experience on Mt Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro SAR (Search and Rescue)
TrekkingHQ has partnered with Kilimanjaro SAR (Search and Rescue) which is a helicopter-based search and rescue company on the Mountain.
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Staff health Surveillance programs
TrekkingHQ uses health surveilance charts that have been designed with the assistance of leading medical specialists trained in high altitude medicine to ensure our guides are equipped with the best tools and techniques to effectively monitor and manage your acclimatisation on Mt Kilimanjaro.
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High Altitude Doctors on Mt Kilimanjaro for Groups
As a part of our commitment to delivering the safest treks on Mt Kilimanjaro, TrekkingHQ has recruited the experience of high altitude Doctors who can accompany the groups on the mountain for the duration of the trek. It provides your groups with peace of mind having expertise accompanying the trek.