TrekkingHQ provides the best equipment with the highest standard.

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TrekkingHQ not only provides a high quality service on the mountain but we also provide the best equipment with the highest standard. They say you can tell the quality of the Kilimanjaro operator by the quality of the tents they use, therefore we use the best equipment to make sure our clients are warm, dry and comfortable. Our sleeping tents, dinning tents and sleeping pads are made by Marmot, an American outfitter producing some of the highest quality equipment for high altitude trekking.

Mess Tents
Dining tents are used on all treks to add comfort for the trek so guests are not confined to their guests and can enjoy the company of each other in the warmth of our communal tents, Our Dining tents can comfortably seat 12 guests for dinner and relaxation at each camp.
Toilet Tents
Many clients prefer not to use the public pit toilets which are not only unsightly but can be a little too unhygienic for most guests so TrekkingHQ includes a personal toilet and toilet tent with all treks to maximise your privacy and comfort when nature calls
Solar Battery Chargers and Lights
we are aligned with the principles of “leave no trace” so TrekkingHQ uses solar batteries, chargers and only cooks with gas to minimise our impact on Mt Kilimanjaro.