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Our Philosophy is simple. Our staff are the most important people in our business. If staff are empowered, respected, trained well and incentivised adequately then they will take great care of our customers on the Mountain. A philosophy that is being embraced by our staff and exceptionally well received by our guests. Word travels fast and so do unhappy staff. TrekkingHQ is now providing a new standard of service on Mt Kilimanjaro & Mt Meru, delivered by the leading team of highly skilled guides, chefs and porters in the industry. Every day TrekkingHQ is being approached by numerous leading guides and chefs wanting to switch companies. We are very grateful for their enthusiasm and support of TrekkingHQ. This action serves as an indicator that we are leading the way in Tanzania when it comes to the welfare of Mt Kilimanjaro staff.


To qualify as a KPAP partner company, involved continued assessment by a highly qualified KPAP assessor who accompanies every trek the partner company operates during each season. The Assessor reviews all areas of the trek and provides feedback and a competency score. Partner companies must achieve and sustain a rating over 85% to maintain partnership. TrekkingHQ currently holds a score in excess of 96% and with the continued support of KPAP our future aim is to achieve and sustain 100% rating. KPAP always need the support of climbers. Many guests like to offer some of their trekking equipment to porters at the end of each trek. We urge all guests to rethink this and support KPAP by donating the equipment directly as this will ensure that KPAP have enough quality equipment to lend to all porters requiring equipment to work as a porter and trek safely to the summit.